Vehicle Graphics & Lettering

Vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics are the most high-visibility promotional elements that we can provide for your business. It would be a massive waste not to use vehicle wraps and graphics on corporate fleet vehicles, and a great loss of opportunity for expanding your marketing efforts.

The benefits of using vehicle wraps and graphics are not limited to marketing. They can also lend greater legitimacy or a sense of credibility and safety, not to mention recognizability of your vehicles and crew, and clearly indicating your services and contact information for your business.

Store Fronts

Using window graphics and decals is a great way to promote your storefront business. Special promotions, deals, seasonal decorations, or important information for the customer can all easily be installed and updated.

Window graphics are easily installed and just as easily removed without damaging the surface. This means you can have efficient, professional, up to date signage throughout the year. Order a few options and then rotate the signs. This can complement the overall look of your storefront with graphics that change and catch customers’ attention.

Your logo, business name, opening hours, limited time offers, and many other types of information can be displayed with window graphics.

Work with our designer to choose from a variety of options from color, font, logo, shape, and size. We are flexible to work with and will help you design storefront graphics that will address the specific needs and requirements of your business.

Wall Murals

If you want to match a wall to the theme of your room or simply want to turn boring walls into exciting works of art, wall murals are for you. A quick way to dress up any business space, removable wall decals can help transform any backdrop into a gorgeous and professional environment.

From waiting rooms to restaurants, wall prints can dramatically improve the look and feel of your business and set the desired mood. This simple upgrade makes a huge difference to your brand without putting a dent in your pocket.

Interior and Exterior Signage

The importance of interior and exterior signage is two-fold. One, it strengthens your brand. Two, it allows you to add a personal touch to elements that have to be marked in order to comply with your local regulations and wayfinding signage.

Regardless of your business niche, the interior signage you choose will have a significant impact on your customer and staff experience.

From keeping your staff safe in hazardous areas to assisting your guests to navigate your facility, your business needs impactful indoor signs to keep operations running smoothly.

Yard Signs

Whether you own a small business catering to a local neighborhood or a national franchise, advertising an estate sale, or sprucing up the block party, it’s easy to get your message across with highly visible, well-designed custom lawn signs from Wild Prints!

Available in custom shapes, colors, and a variety of substrates are high-quality signs that work year-round to help advertise products and services.

If you’re a real estate agent looking for yard signs to promote your properties, advertise your open house, announce new rentals, and gain visibility as you add new listings, we can customize your yard sign to meet your needs…in any form of business.

Marketing Material

We can customize anything you need to promote your company. For all of your marketing materials, from brochures to flyers to postcards, or stickers and roll labels for packaging, or greeting cards and invitations to send to family and friends, we’ve got you covered.

We also offer unique and useful items that can be used to organize and distribute information and assist in your marketing efforts, such as staggered flyers, personalized folders, door hangers, custom letterheads, and branded envelopes.

Logo Design

Our goal as your West Palm Beach one-stop print shop is to provide services for each stage of your brand process. Together we can create a lasting impression in your customer’s minds by giving the proper brand experience through effective logo design and branding.

Here at Wild Prints, we design more than just a logo. We are a full-service print shop based in West Palm Beach, Florida and are passionate about creating visually fabulous as well as truly engaging Logo designs.